No Tech Skills?  No Problem!

Stop wasting your time figuring out

how to deliver & follow-up your freebie!

Forget the Tech Hassle & Confidently Share your Message in “Live”/Public Situations   

Use your natural skills and passions to enjoy the freedom of being an online business owner.

By quiet for non tech online entrepreneurs

Finally a place where you can be YOU and learn from a quiet online business owner.

NO tech skills needed

There are dozens/ hundreds of way to do things… but when you begin, let’s keep it simple & effective.

Tactful methods

It’s like learning to ride a bike.. We do our best with what we know, then we upgrade and we do it better.

Perceptive Insights

I know how you feel when you step up & share your skills with your audience… Let’s keep it affordable yet highly effective.

NO tech skills, NO problem…

All you need is the envy to share

Yes, it’s ALL you need. Being on stage/live is easy to deal with when you’ve got easy to follow, highly effective solutions.

It’s a NO fluff, NOR a “get rich quick fix”, it’s your smart way of getting things done.


Where you got the basics into place to be sure you’ve got what you need to get paid by your clients.


Where you go deeper into content creation, blog post, powerpoint presentation to be captivating.


Where you turn your skills into powerful webinar, online course or infoproduct to delight your clients.

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I have just read your review and have found this very honest and valid. Thank you very much for your help and valuable feedback I really do appreciate it.


Let me tell you , I LOVE it so much, I want to find one similar so I can change mine! wow. You have done a perfect job! It is to the point, yet explains everything so well and clear. It is laid out beautifully. It is professional, yet warm and friendly.


Ophelie was wonderful at helping me revamp my media kit to make it more effective. She was able to see the message that I was trying to get across but could not quite describe. She gave me great insight, helpful suggestions and some motivation to make it one of a kind. Thank you so much, Ophelie!
I highly recommend her and her services!
Paola Sichuk, Multilingual Virtual Assistant

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